Heating & Ventilation

Laser Electrical Whangarei provides supply and installation of heating and ventilation systems across Northland, Whangarei and Bream Bay.

Enjoy the benefits of fresh, dry, healthy air in your home while keeping your family warm, dry and healthy.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are now the most popular and economical form of heating, from the ‘split system’ to the fully ducted system. Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer for much less than the cost of gas or wood.

We can help you choose the correct size and type of heat pump for your home and as accredited installers you can be secure in the knowledge that the heat pump and its associated wiring has been installed to the highest standards.

Smart Vent

Get rid of moisture and allergens with a home ventilation system - the healthy option, especially with new homes that are double glazed and insulated to keep moisture in or old homes that have mould and condensation issues.

A smartvent home ventilation draws fresher, drier air into your home and the stale, damp air is forced outside. Smartvent draws air from the roof cavity or from outside and filters it before gently distributing it around your home. You can simply enter your preferred temperature range and your system will automatically operate to provide a healthy home environment.

We can give you expert advice on your heating and home ventilation requirements. Contact Laser Electrical Whangarei for more information and a ‘Totally Dependable’ service.

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